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Hi I'm Jenny, 18 years of age!! I love music !!! My favorite band is Paramore!! Love Taylor York!! hint hint Jenny York !! I support Taylor and Baylie !! omg love her she's too gorgeous!! I play soccer #19 and #11 and sometimes #!! I love my family!! Lastly, but the the most important I love my God that protects me from any harm!! #Christian!! Well thats me Peace !!

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Oh, Wendy, that’s really hurts…~

- Why was I so foolish? How could he do this to me? I loved him so much…

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The truth is, no matter what your lifestyle or occupation, nothing can really stop you when you’re allowing yourself to be exactly who you want to be.

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Maybe instead of thinking you know everything, let go of your ego for a while and start to get to know her. And maybe if you threw away your fears of getting hurt and just love her, maybe you two could make it.

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All along your life, people come and go. Some hurt you, some make you smile, but each one of them leaves something of theirs with us. The new lessons they teach us, the new aspects of life they show us, making us better equipped to face the world —- stronger.

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