Jenny York

Hi I'm Jenny, 18 years of age!! I love music !!! My favorite band is Paramore!! Love Taylor York!! hint hint Jenny York !! I support Taylor and Baylie !! omg love her she's too gorgeous!! I play soccer #19 and #11 and sometimes #!! I love my family!! Lastly, but the the most important I love my God that protects me from any harm!! #Christian!! Well thats me Peace !!

Girlies 😊👯👯 #sixflags

Soaking wet after the ride !! But still awesome day yesterday !! 😊#sixflags

Having a blast with these people they awesome !! 😊😛😁 #sixflags

#sixflags !!! It’s a great day with these people

Well yesterday was a good day thanks @bad_luck_ali !!! !!! #digitourjackandjack

Relationship goals 😊💕 #bffs

I look like crap but c’mon !! 😊😍💕

We took someone’s chairs !! 😊😁 #bffs #digitourjackandjack

Took someone’s poster !! #digitourjackandjack

A hidden message 🌑💬

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